This Global Alliance of Social Entrepreneur’s & Impact Investors are Connecting Women Farmers  to Game Changing Innovations -Reversing Climate Change and Growing Regenerative Farms Around the Globe

Our sucess is based on sharing a patented zero waste, zero emissions micro food processing center with leading social entreprenuers.  Our partners have a long track record working sucessfully with small holder farmers around the world. Together, along with adding in additional natural advanced farm management systems and innovations, we are able to rapidly transform the base of the global food industry into the seedbeds of planetary regeneration.


We then connect corporations investments to opportunities for their conumers to give as well.  Using new AI linked crowd funding games and platforms, our corporate partners can communicate their great work and amplify their impact with their customers.  The need is great, and the time to act is short.  By linking collective action, we put tools in the hands of those with the greatest reasources to contribute.  Together we all help share powerful examples of hope helping gain new audiences to grow the movement.

Our ultimate goal is using new tech tools for more easily generating funds for scaling, and then also providing knowledable experts who can help local level actors scale-up their projects more smoothly.

Our approach thrives off of positive feedback loops.  Corporations reduce their own climate vulnerability, while consumers gain access to simple ways to act on their concience and do their part to help reverse climate chaos. We harness their urge to contribute, bringing the collective donations of millions of consumers who happily make whimsical small donations as they check-out of their everyday on-line and in person retail spaces, knowing they can collectively contribute both to improving their own happiness by helping others less fortunate than them, and by offsetting their own consumption.

Our app and games provide opportunities for transparency, and mutual engagement among stakeholders.  We design in gamified ways that consumers are rewarded for acting kindly, they share their good deeds and positive impact over time thru their virtual social media networks and so do participating retailers and corporations.  Communities who are recieving their donations use them for helping scale up activities of planting and protecting trees that drawdown carbon and robust project design and innovations improves the lives of billions of women, children and their indigenous communities thru their enterprising and empowering activities that then have funds and expertise to scale outward to surrounding villages.

Out role is to identify and brining together both ends of these supply systems, match them with the newest and best ag and tech inovations. We enable new funding streams that open up further investment at scale, and we create the payway to fill an important gap in the system.  Our approach creates a finance innovation never before possible unlocking a means for scaling out positive impact on multiple UN SDGs simultaneously and in multiple regions and then grow outwards from those hubs.  We are able to advance on the ground more quickly by taking this newly found funding directly to the most effective and ready social entreprenuers with a proven track record, relieving them of the many hours normally dedicated to fundraising, and then we provide them with ready access to other entreprenuers doing the same thing as well as additional partnership with corporations who want to buy their products and need scale and we layer in capacity building across the board from skilled experts that know how to help enterprises adopt models that can be profitable and truly scale rapidly.

We are ready to grow positive impact exponentially with your help.

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  1. Thank you for this initiative for women in indigenous communities supporting their role in reversing the climate crisis. Better World Cameroon is defying the genocidal war in Anglophone Cameroon to help young girls develop themselves so they can become climate activists working for sustainable agriculture in Africa.
    We are happy to contribute our bit to empowering women

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