Help us reforest degraded lands to reverse climate change

The success of this work requires that we connect with more donors and corporations interested in implementing regenerative agriculture on the ground. If you want to help you can:


Create a Social Media or In-Person Club that tracks your carbon footprint, and then donates to our reforestation projects to offset your own personal carbon footprints. Share your results and the projects you support with friends and green businesses in your networks, urge them to join you – we will connect you with others to pool your resources and link you with a project that wants to build a sugar palm micro-processing factory to help empower women and indigenous communities and supply an enterprise based solution for financing reforestation.

Have skills and want to volunteer? We need your support. Help with seeking grants & developing social media materials, or increasing our partnerships with companies, donors and investors, to help us grow our ability to fund the start-up of more of these franchise training hubs. We welcome offers of support from seasoned professionals.

Help Spread the Word. Share our website on your social media, tell others about us, and help us get more people supporting the regeneration of the planet.

Farmer Training Centers, Companies & Co-ops

Help Grow Our Network of partner project sites. We already have 24 partnerships with training centers on the ground located across the planet. We know there are thousands of hub sites we have yet to connect with. Share this model with groups doing great work and help them join the effort.

Donors, Investors, & Corporations

Energize Our Work with financial capital, forward purchasing contracts and volunteer expertise from seasoned experts. These projects are a part of the necessary and beautiful future of regenerative agriculture on planet earth. We are already connected to cosmetics and food companies relying on the global supply system, and we need more who are ready to invest directly into “insetting” to reach their sustainability goals and invest in regenerating a climate-secure future. We need Patient Capital investors, mentors, and supporters who can help us connect resources that can grow the multi-capital nature of these projects and scale this work rapidly.  

To Learn More, Invest, and/or Collaborate, Contact:

Mary Johnson, Founder of Regenerative Farms at

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