We empower women & indigenous communities, resourcing their leadership in the utilization of agro-ecology and innovation to reverse climate change through the rapid regeneration of degraded lands.

Our projects help local leaders connect, learn, and act. Together we improve gender equity, local food sovereignty, food and nutrition security, and work to deliver climate justice.

Watch how the village scale regeneration hub works in this 3 min. National Geographic clip.

Regenerative Farms is a global alliance of highly effective social entrepreneurs who are collaborating with donors, corporate value chain partners, consumers & impact investors to connect locally led farmer training centers with the best technology and tools available.

Our approach brings multi-layered solutions designed to help women gain more equitable access to the resources they need for greater security and resilience. Our model helps enable them to develop regenerative enterprises derived from multi-strata agroforestry systems. We restore degraded soils and drawdown and store carbon healing the climate and many other valuable ecosystem services. Our model focuses on improving gender equity. We help women who are 14x more likely to die in climatedisasters than men, gain the resources needed to be able to climb out of poverty for good. Your support helps us scale our model to assist millions more women who in turn help regenerate their landscapes, improve which improves their own resilience along with creating a better quality of life for their whole communities. Working together we can heal the climate and improve thworld for a better life for us all.

Collectively we can solve the UN SDG’s and reverse climate change.


Working hand in hand with female and indigenous leaders, we bring an amazing patented innovative micro-food processing center to communities because it’s clever design incentivizes empowering women and restoring tropical forests. It provide a high ROI and multiple co-benefits. Our model offers a pathway to self-sufficiency rather than dependancy on long term aid. It co-creates a regenerative enterprise hub with that helps provide funding for a myriad of improvements needed by poor communities worldwide. It also provides enough funding so communities can reinvest in reforestation and protection of their tropical forests, and it offers meaningful local employment which benefits everyone.

Our model then stacks multiple other game changing innovations and training that help further empower women and indigenous communities.  This enterprise model is based on planting and then harvesting multiple high value non-timber forest products grown using regenerative agriculture principles in multi-strata agroforestry systems which when designed well, can be more biodiverse and can sequester more carbon than natural forests. We unlock a mechanism to restore the billions of acres of degraded land needed to reverse the climate crisis and feed a growing world population, while providing livelihoods for the farmers who produce the majority of the world’s food, women smallholder farmers. 

Consumers, philanthropists, corporations and investors can help speed up our success by urging the companies they buy from to source their ingredients from Regenerative Farms, and by committing to offset their own carbon footprints by supporting efforts that empower women to use agro-ecological approaches that combine forest farming with landscape restoration and protection.

Our success is based on a proven patented, zero waste, zero emissions, micro food processing center franchise.  Our Alliance members adopt this game changing technology and put this powerful resource to fund landscape regeneration in the hands of proven farmer trainers, ngo’s, responsible businesses, and the local level leaders who are renowned social entrepreneurs already making progress in empowering women and indigenous farmers.

Our implementation partners each have a long track record of working successfully with small holder farmers, teaching them agro-ecology, reforestation and forest protection.  We help them expand their networks and connect them with others like them who are doing the same kind of work around the world. We help connect them to the most recent science and advances in regenerative farming, agro-forestry, and introduce them to cutting edge innovations that can help them empower women and indigenous farmers.  We also help connect them to reliable, mission aligned start-up finance and technical assistance as well as companies looking to buy their products.  Together we are able to rapidly transform the base of the global food and ag industries, turning consumer’s purchasing power into the seeds of rapid massive planetary regeneration to match the size of the problem.

A Short Video explains the zero-waste Micro-Factory Design that is the basis of the Franchise Model, designed and piloted by Dr. Willie Smits now in operation and scaling in Indonesia

Using partnerships with AI linked crowd funding games and platforms, our corporate partners can communicate their support for this great work and include consumers in the progress who can make contributions to off-set their own carbon footprint, and further amplify the pace of regeneration.

The need is great, and the time to act is short.  By linking collective action, we put tools in the hands of those with the greatest ability to restore and protect tropical forests.

Our approach thrives off of positive feedback loops.  Corporations reduce their own climate vulnerability, while consumers gain access to simple ways to act on their conscience and do their part to help reverse climate chaos. We harness their urge to contribute, bringing the collective donations of billions of consumers who happily make whimsical small donations as they check-out of their everyday on-line and in person retail spaces, knowing they can collectively contribute both to improving their own happiness by helping others less fortunate than them, and by offsetting their own consumption.

Our partners app and games provide opportunities for transparency, and mutual engagement in the progress among all our stakeholders.  We design in gamified ways that consumers are rewarded for acting kindly, they share their good deeds and positive impact over time thru their virtual social media networks and so do participating retailers and corporations.  Communities who are receiving your donations use them to help scale up reforestation and protection of biodiverse forests that drawdown carbon.  They measure and monitor their positive progress with social and environmental monitoring and report on their results using the latest robust verifiable approaches.

Our franchising of Dr. Smits’ robust factory and eco-social tropical forest protection design, combined with award winning innovations, improves the lives of billions of women, children and their indigenous communities advancing progress on the SDG’s.

We use your funds and an expansive network of expertise to scale these systems outward to surrounding villages who see the impressive results first hand and become eager for the opportunity to participate and improve their own forests and lives.

Out role is to identify and brining together the stakeholders needed to make this a wild success.  We match farmer training organizations with the newest and best regenerative ag and tech innovations that can help them expand and improve their positive impact more quickly. We enable donors and investors to supply new funding streams to these projects, allowing these entrepreneurs to focus their skills on project implementation.  By stacking finance from different avenues, we are able to open up further investment that allows for rapid scale-up.  By linking these producer communities with companies who purchase their regeneratively produced products, and who can support their reforestation efforts thru their corporate insetting budgets, we help create the pathways needed to fill a major gap that has been preventing significant investment in the land regeneration movement.

We are able to advance on the ground more quickly by taking these funds directly to the most effective and ready social entrepreneurs with a proven track record, relieving them of the many hours normally dedicated to fundraising.  Then, because we provide them with ready access to other entrepreneurs doing the same thing, they can accelerate their progress.  We ensure their financial success as well, by linking them with partnerships with corporations who want to buy their products.  Corporations are eager to find these projects/sources, because they need sustainable sourcing opportunities that match their scale, and they are looking for products that are grown in resilient agroforest systems, this helps companies and their investors reduce their climate risks and stabilizes their ag supply chains.

We layer in capacity building  from skilled experts that know how to help enterprises adopt models that are profitable on multiple forms of capital, and ensure the approaches used are designed to scale positive impact rapidly.

How will you help?

We are ready to grow positive impact exponentially, join us.

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  1. Thank you for this initiative for women in indigenous communities supporting their role in reversing the climate crisis. Better World Cameroon is defying the genocidal war in Anglophone Cameroon to help young girls develop themselves so they can become climate activists working for sustainable agriculture in Africa.
    We are happy to contribute our bit to empowering women

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