We bring together a diverse set of actors to build a solution that can scale.  There is a gap that needs filling.  So we connect innovators, social impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporate social & environmental responsibility programs and sustainable sourcing programs with the farmers and forest dwellers who can reforest degraded lands and create biodiverse carbon sinks thru farming of multi-strata agroforestry systems designed as the future of farming.

Our approach was created to fill a financing gap that is currently preventing reforestation and regeneration at the speed and scale needed to reverse the climate crisis. A facilitator of the joining of all these actors is missing and needed for scaling-up sufficiently to drive the necessary positive impact.

We bring the right actors together, along with a whole suite of Game Changing Innovations and models created by award winning social entrepreneurs.  When combined and sufficiently supported from project inception all the way thru to scaling, and beyond, we are able to truly and permanently transform the lives of women & girls, empowering indigenous forest dwelling communities, and unleashing their knowledge, ingenuity, energy, creativity and endurance-helping them improve their own lives, care for their families, and regenerate the critical ecosystem services that make a live-able planet for everyone.

By connecting highly effective existing small-farmer training centers with the models, financing, training, innovations, and resources needed to help them succeed -we are transforming the planet together.  When given access to the resources needed to break out of poverty traps our partners help their communities overcome gender discrimination, solve multiple UN SDG’s, and strive for climate justice.

We jump start local green economic development with the co-benefit of starting in locations with a willing work force with the skills, desire, and need to permanently regenerate degraded farmland and forests.

Matching skilled business leaders, academics, and implementing partners -then working thru direct collaborations led by local communities, we are able to scale-up rapidly, and co-create a pathway to achieve a critical piece of the global climate change solution, ensuring resources are being dedicated to those who are suffering the most from climate change.

Using holistic coherent systems design – we work with local community leaders who are embedded within the local context, helping local women self determine how they want to build their own resilience, and providing tools and incentives for men to partner in their empowerment.

Sharing innovations that help improve food and nutrition security, we ensure women, girls and their families have the tools as well as the long term sustainable financing system they need to generate the resources that will help them not just survive climate impacts, but to pro-actively adapt and eventually thrive, as the entire world undergoes unprecedented ecological & social change from global climate disruption.