The Regeneration Hub

A zero waste, zero emissions, value-added processing center.
Hubs generate a high return on investment from the processing of multiple high value forest-based non-timber products.

Dr. Willie Smits, a conservationist and engineer, cleverly designed the patented system to simultaneously produce clean drinking water, organic biochar fertilizer, forest based bio-fuels for cooking and clean rural electrification and transport.  They generate many other co-benefits alongside a suite of high value products like organic low glycemic palm sugar, dried fruits, & seed oils.

The substantial profits generated by the suite of products help communities improve food & nutrition security, gain access to critical services like new rural health care clinics, local schools, and training programs.

By rapidly linking farmer co-ops around the world with this innovative model, we can scale-up a global climate solution that empowers women & indigenous communities.

Not only do hubs draw down carbon, & reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and land degradation, but provide a critical pathway to transition emerging economies to a greener future – one based on a highly efficient, local bio-fuel alternative that they can pay themselves to grow and process -shifting financial flows out of fossil fuels and into local climate adaptation & poverty alleviation.

A typical family home of coffee growers in Nicaragua. Rural women & girls gain freedom from long hours fetching water and fuel wood for cooking, providing more time for schooling, improving health, & incomes -important keys to gender equity

A powerful model to help the World meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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