These individuals and organizations are providing on-going technical support to our Regeneration Hub micro-factory and reforestation project implementing teams as they secure funding to build their hub and scale-out the model to surrounding communities.

The World Permaculture Association

Gaia University

Creating a global earth repair corps where indigenous youth can help regenerate the planet by supporting these projects, and heal the wounds of climate injustice

Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing

Creating a global women’s sound healing circle – to support women’s empowerment and healing as project participant’s work on gender justice issues and earth regeneration


An award winning social entrepreneurial team, e-kutir now part of Blooom. Seeking to expand their IT based farmer training and outreach app solutions to promote eco-agriculture approaches with the 600,000+ farmers using their technology in India and SE Asia, then scale globally – watch their 3 min. video to see how they increase small holder profitability, productivity and access to markets using micro-entrepreneurs.

The Hummingbird Project 

Providing technical assistance and agroecology and living soils training support to project centers in India and Kenya, including Navdana.

Just Us! 

Center for Small Farms – training support for partner sites, and in-kind contribution

Remineralize the Earth

Biochar and rock dust mineral innovations and research for carbon sequestration through farming

Eric Toensmeier

Author of The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

The Permaculture Research Institute

PRI is an accredited CSO with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the United Nation Climate Technology Centre & Network (UN CTCN).  We’re working with other organizations like Muslim Aid Australia (MAA), the Hans Foundation (currently, in India) PRI is looking for funding to acquire an earth track machine to accelerate natural land regeneration in Somaliland and beyond.  If we look at the estimated costs cited for Niger’s Maradi & Zinder regions – $100 million USD over 20 years w/average external costs not exceeding $20 USD per hectare – 5 million hectares were “regreened” in 20 years. The return on the investment of this regreening work in Niger is estimated to be $500 million USD annually.  Rhamis Kent, who is leading this work on the ground, has envisioned combining elements of “mechanized” labor to augment the efforts of people working on-the-ground “mostly because the speed at which the land degradation is said to be spreading requires it” (10 – 12 million hectares per year according to UNCCD).  One of these earth track machines could prepare 10 – 15 hectares (25 – 40 acres) of land, we need 46 – 68 of these units (which would cost roughly $250,000 each).  This would require an investment of anywhere from about $11 million – $17 million USD.  That’s basically 250,000 hectares per year with an investment of $5 million USD per year.

Individual volunteers who contributed to the creation of the Alliance in 2016/2017

Andrew Langford
Michael Ahabwe Mugerwa
Alejandro Levins
Ana Smith
Anne-Marie Mayer
Aurora Levins Morales
Av Singh
Bright Sky
Christian Shearer
Connor Steadman
Curtis Ogden
Cynthia Robinson
Daniela Ibarra-Howell
Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn
Ellie Lovett
Erin Axelrod
Fortin Claire
Georgia Beasley
Germaine Jenkins
Gregory Landua
Janin James
Jessica Hardy
John Stollmeyer
John Dennis Liu
Jonathan Bates
Jono Neiger
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
Kary Vannice
Kumah Drah
Keith Zaltzberg
Laurie Benson
Lisa DePiano
Joseph Lenunyoi
Lily Hollister
Linzi Fidelin
A. Liora Adler
Luke Smith
Anne Poelina
Marilyn McHugh

Mary Johnson
Matt Grason
Molly Cheatum
Monica Ibacache
Piranto Mosiany
Caroline Putnam
Rhamis Kent
Russell Wallack
Robin Van Loon
Rachel Lindsay
Shayna Gladstone
Suzane Bowles
Eric Toensmeier
Giuseppe Tallarico
Nina Umai Spiro