Our solution brings together highly collaborative thought and action leaders from both ends of global supply chains. With your help we can build powerful partnerships that unlock the vast resources needed to reverse climate change.

Pooling investments to grow the number of the Village Hubs rapidly, we can significantly reduce the 3 main human sources of GHG’s. Donors, corporate partners & impact investors can inject the financial capital needed by our micro-entrepreneurs. By working together we can build regenerative enterprise Hubs across the globe.

Thru entrepreneurial training & support, groups of women farmers grow profitable green businesses.  New enterprises help them gain greater access to finance, education, markets, micro-credit, self-determination and their own land titles.

Village Hubs provide the key enabling conditions needed to climb out of poverty for good and regenerate degraded ecosystems worldwide. Profit from Hubs are reinvested locally to incentivize farmers to halt deforestation, adopt farming methods that sequester carbon, and produce highly efficient forest-based bio-fuels.

By providing an alternative to growing fuel and fuel-wood demand -we can leap frog the rapidly growing demand, further reducing future GHG emissions. 3 Hubs are already in operation in Indonesia – with 3rd party analysis proving the profitability and social as well as ecosystem benefits of the model.  Sustainability financing with this approach becomes even more powerful when paired with corporate insetting and carbon credit programs from major corporations and organization trying to minimize their carbon footprint.